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Lunation Aquarius, soaring ideals

The new Moon in the fixed sign and Air Aquarius will be held Feb. 3 at 2 h 31 UT on 13 ° 54 Aquarius on the cusp of the House III.

The chart (set for Paris) indicates a framing of the new moon by Ceres on one hand and the other in March trine to Saturn retrograde (17 ° Libra).
Uranus (28 ° Pisces) master of this lunation is conjunct Jupiter (2 ° Aries) sextile Mercury (28 ° Capricorn), True North Node square (2 ° Capricorn) and Venus (28 ° Sagittarius).
can also observe a square between Pluto conjoined with Jupiter North Node, square to be exact on February 25.
Finally, Venus, also joint is true to the North Node Neptune sextile (27 ° Aquarius) spouse Chiron (0 ° Pisces).

Air is the element that dominates during this lunation - Ceres-Sun-Moon-Mars-Neptune in Aquarius - Saturn in Libra - and you can see Uranus is a singleton: the only planet in the theme Water sign. More
an element is isolated from a subject, the more he tries to survive with strength. Everything has a survival instinct, he goes on and our psyche. It is a part of us that mismanaging, we accept evil.
The cross of incarnation is mutable mode but the three modes are in equilibrium in the theme.
There is also a dominant positive signs and the majority of planets is distributed in quadrant 1 (Northeast) with a concentration of House 3 in the sign of Aquarius.

Air is an element that is everywhere at once, always in motion, as it symbolizes the House III trade, communication, transmission of ideas, thoughts. Is the air that carries the wave. Aquarius can be compared to high winds that bring significant changes.
House III is also short trips, transportation. It relates how one relates to the world, it fits him.
Mercury governs this house is about to leave the sign of Capricorn Aquarius to enter (at 22 h 20 UT on the day of the NL) and is in good aspect (sextile) to Uranus, master of the moon.
Exchanges can be favored, but may however be disturbed emotionally Uranus as the only planet in a sign of water is also in square to Venus.

The Northeast Quadrant is accentuated making us confident in ourselves and determined but careful not to be too authoritarian and not conciliating. We want to take initiatives, are denied the beaten path and attempts to break free from coercion, chart our own path.

However this New Moon is made between energy weighting of Ceres and the dynamic energy of Mars. Thinking precedes action which encourages us to reflect on how we communicate, avoid excesses in the field of trade, We strive to be authentic, honest in trade and for the good of those around us to make concessions, to moderate our words and avoid hitting our interlocutors.
faculties of reason and moderation of organization can be put at the service of creativity and self expression.
Ceres can also allow us to channel our emotions in the way we express ourselves, to exercise restraint in our feelings and so do not indulge in excesses.
limit Ceres, Mars motivates her.
Ceres and Saturn retrograde trine make us morally demanding. The energy of these planets could Marsiens puckering up, contain them and why not direct them in a positive way, even the sublime?

In the sign of Aquarius and third house, the new moon can cause a frenzy of ideas and ideals and we must ensure that any excess of rationalization could make us forget the human side of things. We can also show or provocative, fanciful, or even sliced too. Attention also to the fanaticism that could occur in reality want what we think is best for everyone. We must show
weighting of caution in sharing our beliefs or development projects.

Aquarius is a sign innovative, progressive, independent humanitarian trends. The ascendant in Sagittarius is trine to Uranus and Jupiter, accentuating our need for renewal, freedom and change.
Jupiter ruler of the ascendant is in Aries square Pluto growing: it must be careful not to get caught in awkward situations or suspicious or wrong path by a leader who has a fanatical and pursuing objectives. Beware also of violent, radical decisions that could be taken or authoritarian seizure of power following the various uprisings social taking place in several countries, including Arab states.

Caution is also advised in travel, the use of means of transport. There is a tendency to nervousness and intransigence during this lunation, which can lead to instability and recklessness.

The Full Moon will take place Feb. 18 at 8 h 36 UT in the line VI - XII with the Sun in Aquarius 29 ° 20 XII opposed to the Moon VI in the sign of Leo.

There is a planetary mass, also called stellium in with Aquarius, in order: Ceres Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Sun, and therefore in opposition to the Moon and Chiron in Pisces. The Moon forms a trine to Pluto (energy processing) and the True North Node (which shows us where to concentrate our efforts to evolve) and a growing quincunx Uranus (energy deficit).
The square from Jupiter to Pluto and Venus is closing in Capricorn is square to Saturn retrograde in Libra.
Air and Fire are the dominant theme in this full Moon and Uranus is still the only planet with water.
mutable mode is this time for failure with a dominant fixed-cardinal
The majority of the planets is concentrated in the Quadrant 4

Axis VI / XII is the axis of the inner experience and dedication, but also purification of deep crises. This is an axis of evolution and letting go of passage that prepares individual to the collective dial for a new life cycle. The combination

Fire Air pushes strongly to intelligent action, in the externalization of energy under the leadership of creative thinking.
Quadrant 4, consisting of houses 10, 11, 12 is the process of union
The sense of responsibility and social solidarity is deepened with accentuated quadrant 4. The affirmation and realization of our goals are central to our concerns.

The climate of this Full Moon is full of great sensitivity, emotionality, instability, nervousness, impatience but also of dynamism could lead to impulsive reactions.
The trend is the brutal assertion, the claim, the ideals are not nuanced, they expressed forcefully.
We need to step back, accept the questioning necessary awareness promoting change in our daily life, without evidence of excessive idealism or we swim illusions.
It may be difficult to express our will, because the goals are unclear, there is a lack of realism and common sense during this full moon.

Mercury will Epimetheus Feb. 25 after its superior conjunction, should allow us to connect intellectually possible solutions to problems in social and economic. We are looking for new ideas or we try to formulate ideas for a new way.
This Full Moon urges us to improve our adaptation to the needs of the moment, have a positive attitude, seek to embody a new solution to some of the existing social problems.

Our society and our civilization are in crisis, we feel compelled to question our values too materialistic and ask ourselves what we think is essential to our evolution, both at the collective, personal and spiritual.
should be ready to assume responsibilities, to free us from our fears, to transcend the influences and current living conditions and bring about a new world.

"Let your soul exalt your reason to the heights of passion, so she can sing, and let reason direct your passion to live your passion through her daily resurrections and like the phoenix reborn from its own ashes. "Khalil Gibran


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